DVD's For Sale Coatesville IN for sale in Coatesville, Indiana

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I have a bunch of movies that I want to eliminate need cash to foot the bill so I'm asking whoever can help to take these movies off of my hands. A few them are worth approximately $20 and $40. If you would take the box of 32 movies for $90.

I used up to a dollar or even more to put the rate down I worked out the rates I discovered on eBay to get a last rate not all are the very same. The final rate of $90 is me putting the prices down. A movie set is Spiderman 1 and 2 2 disc complete screen scandal sheet, and lots of other fantastic movies.
Paranormal Activity.
3 Stooges.
Obsessed w Beyonc.
Big Daddy w Adam Sandlar.
. , if any questions call.
program contact info.
Thank you much is valued.